Free Press All-State — 1950s

Charlie North 

Northwestern’s Charlie North was a two-time member of the Detroit Free Press‘ Class A All-State team. North was a first-team selection in 1957 and then, as a mid-year graduate, earned third-team honors in 1958. After spending slightly more than one season at Coalinga (CA) Community College, North returned to Detroit where he teamed with Detroit Austin product Dave DeBusschere to help lead the University of Detroit Titans’ program to new heights — including consecutive trips to the then-prestigious NIT. (Photo courtesy Charlie North Collection)

Class A
First Team:
John Bandy, Pontiac Central; John Gillian Flint Northern; Tom Pine, Detroit Austin; Art Reid, Hamtramck; Art Oliver, Muskegon Heights; Coach Eddie Powers, Northern
Second Team: Lonnie “Tree” Sanders, Pershing (NFL); Dave Burris Berkley; Larry Edwards, Grand Rapids Central; Dave Kroll, Alpena; Toy Palmer, Ferndale
Third Team: Reggie Harding, Eastern (NBA/ABA); Ron Robbe, Lansing Eastern; Bill Meyer, Portage; Dale Lucas, Flint Central; Tom Eveland, Livonia Bentley
Fourth Team: Bishop, Bay City Central; Barge, Pontiac Central; Budde, Grand Rapids South; David “Smokey” Gaines, Northeastern (ABA/Harlem Globetrotters); Meadows, Royal Oak Dondero
Fifth Team: Guinn, Hamtramck; Tillman, Grand Rapids Central; Halstead, Dearborn Edsel Ford; Petroff, East Detroit; John Switchulis, St. Clair Shores Lakeview
Sixth Team: Bergins, Kalamazoo; Wells, Benton Harbor; Wilson, Flint Central; Mapp, Highland Park; Brussow, Saginaw Arthur Hill

Class A
First Team:
Dave DeBusschere, Detoit Austin (NBA/MLB); Bob James, Battle Creek; Ron Robinson, Muskegon Heights; Chester “Chet” Walker, Benton Harbor (NBA); Earl McNeal, Ferndale; Coach Chuck Hollosy, Detroit Austin
Second Team: Gene “Torch” Lawson, Highland Park; Felix Miller, Flint Central; Ed “Stone” Stewart, Northeastern; Willie Thompson, Saginaw; Tom Woodruff, Grosse Pointe High
Third Team: Gary Ballman, East Detroit (NFL); Hank DeMots, Grand Rapids Christian; Denny Groat, Lansing Sexton; Charlie North, Northwestern; Ed Neview, Bay City Handy
Fourth Team: King, Livonia Bentley; Kirk, Flint Central; Leon Mayberry, Northwestern; Winkworth, Dearborn; Gillard, Flint Northern
Fifth Team: Schoenherr, Detroit Austin; Comes, Muskegon Catholic; Levert France, Cass Tech; Gaines, Flint Northern; Boyd, Port Huron
Sixth Team: Krey, Grand Rapids Union; John Kastl, Western; Lewis, Ypsilanti; McCarty, Muskegon Heights; Slappey, Hamtramck
Honorable Mention (Detroit Only): Ashford, Hamtramck; Bob Blackwell, Eastern; Ed Clark, Northern; George Ginger, Redford; Guinn, Hamtramck; Kelly, U of D High; Jerry Matthews, Chadsey; Lonnie “Tree” Sanders, Pershing (NFL).

Class A

First Team: Ed Burton, Muskegon Heights (NBA/Harlem Globetrotters); Charlie North, Northwestern; Bob James, Battle Creek; Richie Robins, Port Huron; Steve Jordan, Cass Tech; Coach Oscar “Okie” Johnson, Muskegon Heights
Second Team: Marv Ringo, Hamtramck; Chester “Chet” Walker, Benton Harbor (NBA); Hudson Ray, Pontiac; Dave DeBusschere, Detroit Austin (NBA/MLB); Del Blondin, Saginaw
Third Team: Roosevelt Lee, Northwestern; Ron Robinson, Muskegon Heights; Gene “Torch” Lawson, Highland Park; Earl McNeal, Ferndale; Gary Ballman, East Detroit (NFL)
Fourth Team: Brown, Kalamazoo; Kramer, Detroit Catholic Central; Louis Gibbs, Central; Penner, Lansing Eastern; Sichterman, Grand Rapids Central
Fifth Team: Bro??, Traverse City; Dichm, Pontiac; Ferguson, Lansing Sexton; Grimes, Jackson; Oney, Monroe
Sixth Team: Johnson, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills; James Hester, Miller; Calhoun, Plymouth; Allen, Ann Arbor; Fleming, Hamtramck
Honorable Mention (Detroit Only): Floyd Burch, Central; Dick Dylus, U of D High; Fitzgerald, Highland Park; Bob Holmes, Mumford; John Kastl, Western; McMeekins, Highland Park; Manning, Northwestern; Rudy Nelson, Northern; Paul Porter, Cass Tech; Lud Strohmayer, Southeastern.

Class A
First Team: Sam Oliver
, Southeastern; Willie DeWalt, Pontiac; Jim Reynolds, Benton Harbor; Ed Burton, Muskegon Heights (NBA/Harlem Globetrotters); Bob Zimmerman, Jackson
Second Team: Bob Skrzycki, Detroit Catholic Central; Clarence Elliot, Flint Northern; Dick Robins, Port Huron; Dick Ramont, Lansing Sexton; Jim Kanary, Saginaw Arthur Hill
Third Team: Steve Jordan, Cass Tech; Don Dobroczynski, Hamtramck; Art Champion, Grand Rapids Catholic Central; Bill Burd, Ann Arbor; Ed Nyberg, Flint Central
Fourth Team: Gentile, Berkley; Zill, Highland Park; Brown, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills; ???, Kalamazoo; ???, Alpena (can’t read names)
Fifth Team: Louis Gibbs, Central; Gunars Vitolin, Chadsey; ???, Southfield; Davis, Grand Rapids South; J. Callaway, Dearborn Fordson
Sixth Team: Jack Ward, Southeastern; Roosevelt Lee, Northwestern; Ulman, Mt. Clemens; Wightman, Lansing Eastern; Wood, Bay City Handy.

Class A

First Team: M.C. Burton, Muskegon Heights; Joe Quarles, Flint Central; George Lee, Highland Park (NBA); Don Arend, Benton Harbor; Art Gowens, Lansing Sexton
Second Team: Don Coleman, Cass Tech; Johnson, Dearborn; Allen “Jocko” Hughes, Miller; Bicy, Jackson; Lett, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills
Third Team: McMahon, Saginaw Arthur Hill; Hardin, Kalamazoo; Benes, Grand Rapids Christian; Wolter, Dearborn Fordson; Sheldon, Birmingham
Fourth Team: McMurry, Muskegon Heights; Reynolds, Benton Harbor; Brice, Mt. Clemens; Lee, Arthur Hill; Chuck Mitchell, Cass Tech
Fifth Team: Jerry Malinasky, Cass Tech; Barry, Grosse Pointe; Dunlop, Dearborn; Marietta, Niles; Shriver, Owosso
Sixth Team: Fields, Highland Park; ???, Midland; McNuley, Port Huron; Middleton, Plymouth; Brickmoore, Flint Central
Class C
Second Team:
 F. Ayrault, Grosse Pointe St. Paul.

Class A
First Team:
George “Baby” Duncan, Highland Park; Art Gowens, Lansing Sexton; George Lee, Highland Park (NBA); Gary Giffen, Bay City Central; Frank Manley, Flint Northern
Second Team: “Diamond” Jim Boyce, Northwestern; Tom Turner, Ferndale; Tom Newhof, Grand Rapids Christian; M.C. Burton, Muskegon Heights; Tom Hall, Saginaw
Third Team: Levi Davis, Miller; Dick Spindle, Grosse Pointe High; Don Schwall, Ypsilanti; Don Arend, Benton Harbor; Gerry Benton, Traverse City.

Class A
First Team:
George “Baby” Duncan, Highland Park; Joe Roberson, Flint Northern; Al Marcangelo, Southeastern; Tom Klewicki, Lansing Sexton; Dean Vanderwal, Holland
Second Team: Ron Kramer, East Detroit (NFL); Dave Telfer, Kalamazoo; Don Ellis, Lansing Sexton; John Clark, Jackson; Greg Codo, Grand Rapids South
Third Team: Stan Sylvester, Southeastern; Bob Becker, Saginaw Arthur Hill; Frank Lawrence, Hamtramck; Murt Johnson, Muskegon Heights; Jack Smith, Grosse Pointe High

Class A
First Team: George “Swinging Gate” Gatewood
, Cass Tech; Bill Stuifbergen, Kalamazoo; Dave Parks, Highland Park; Glenn Stuart, Grand Rapids Union; Andy Shepard, Saginaw (Harlem Globetrotters)
Second Team: Walter Godfrey, Cass Tech; Dick Brown, Midland; Carl Diener, Saginaw Arthur Hill; Ron Kramer, East Detroit (NFL); Jack Hodge, Ferndale
Third Team: Earl Morrall, Muskegon (NFL); Gerry Bykerk, Grand Rapids Christian; Don Steffen, Flint Central; Bill Newman, Ann Arbor; Joe Roberson, Flint Northern.
First Team: Webster “Bud” Kirksey, Saginaw (Harlem Globetrotters); Terry Thompson, Ishpeming; Ron Jackson, Kalamazoo; Jim Raymond, Lansing Sexton; Esmo Woods, Pontiac; Coach C.C. Watson, Ishpeming
Second Team: George “Swing Gate” Gatewood, Cass Tech; Earl Morrall, Muskegon (NFL); Bill Chamberlain, Grand Rapids Central; Frank Tanana, Sr., Detroit St. Andrews; Cleon Gilliam, River Rouge.

Class A
First Team: Charlie “Kingsnake” Primas
, Miller (Harlem Globetrotters); Paul Hinkin, Saginaw Arthur Hill; Milton Mead, Bay City Central; Rex Corless, Coldwater; Bob Visser, Grand Rapids Central
Second Team: Walter “Pinky” Thompson, Central; Jim Plecas, Detroit Catholic Central; Dick Noble, Kalamazoo Central; Bud Townsend, Midland; Art Spolestra, Grand Rapids Godwin (NBA)
Third Team: Webster “Bud” Kirksey, Saginaw (Harlem Globetrotters); Al Driscoll, River Rouge; Winnie Peterson, Lakeview; Ed Foster, Niles; LeRoy Dorow, St. Joseph
Honorable Mention: Eaddy, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills; Jankowski, Hamtramck; Martin, Miller; Jerry Philip, Northern; Ken Prather, U of D; Guy Sparrow, Pontiac (NBA); Frank Tanana, Detroit St. Andrews; Ernie “Daddy Wag” Wagner, Northeastern (Harlem Globetrotters).

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