PSL Champions 1940s



Miller vs. Northern 1947 

Miller High, led by Sammy Gee, faced off with Blaine Denning and Northern for the 1947 Metropolitan League title. Miller won its first of four straight titles in a 52-21 rout. (Photo Courtesy Dr. Janet Bobby Collection)

1949 at Olympia Stadium (att. 12,309)

  • Championship: Miller beat Northern, 42-29 (Coach Will Robinson)
  • Consolation: Central beat Northwest­ern, 37-33

1948 at Olympia Stadium (att. 10,546)

  • Championship: Miller beat Cooley, 44-29*  (Coach Will Robinson) *-Months later, Cooley won by forfeit due to an ineligible player. (Coach Walt Wegerly)
  • Consolation: Northern beat Southwestern, 51-26

1947 at State Fair Coliseum (att. 8,000)

  • Championship: Miller beat Northern, 52-21 (Coach Will Robinson)
  • Consolation: Denby beat Pershing, 35-3

1946 at Olympia Stadium (att. 14,793)

  • Championship: Southwestern beat Miller, 30-28 (Coach Lyle VanDeVenter)
  • Consolation: Western beat Southeastern, 52-44

1945 at Olympia Stadium (att. 15,518 then a state record for high school basketball) 

  • Championship: Southeastern beat Mackenzie, 29-28 (Coach Perry Deakin)
  • Consolation: Hamtramck beat Central, 42-37

1944 at Central High (att. 3,000)

  • Championship: Mackenzie beat Northwestern, 36-25 (Coach Herbert Spathelf)
  • Consolation: Northern beat Denby, 31-27


  • No varsity schedule is competed due to conservation of resources such as automobile and heating fuel, tire rubber, etc., because of the U.S. involvement inWorld War II.

1942 at Olympia Stadium (att. n/a)


  • Championship: Central beats Hamtramck, 39-24 (Coach Ralph Loeffler)
  • Consolation: Southwestern beat Cass Tech, 46-20

1941 at Naval Armory (att. 3,500)

  • Championship: Southeastern beat Southwestern, 38-30 (Coach Perry Deakin)
  • Consolation: Central beat Highland Park, 40-22

1940 at Naval Armory (att. n/a)

  • Championship: Highland Park beat South­eastern, 35-30 (Coach Dwight Dyer)
  • Consolation: Chadsey beat Southwestern, 39-14

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