Detroit News All PSL/Metro — 1950s

Charlie Primas 

Miller High’s Charlie Primas, seen here during his Wayne (State) University days, was a first-team Detroit News All-Metro selection in 1950. (Wayne State University Photo)

(Editor’s Note: Every attempt has been made to include accurate information on players, coaches, and teams. If you encounter any errors you have documented proof of, please contact one of us with that information.)

1959 All-City
Reggie Harding, Eastern (NBA/Goose Tatum Harlem Roadkings) ; David “Smokey” Gaines (ABA/Harlem Globetrotters), Northeastern; Syl Jankowski, Hamtramck St. Florian; Lonnie Sanders (NFL), Pershing; Bill Chmielewski, Detroit Holy Redeemer
David “Smokey” Gaines, Northeastern; Reggie Harding, Eastern; Lonnie “Tree” Sanders, Pershing; Willie Street, Northwestern; Henry Mack, Western
East Side
David “Smokey” Gaines, Northeastern; Maurice McHartley, Central (ABA); Reggie Harding, Eastern; Lonnie Sanders, Pershing; Jim Massey, Northern
West Side
Willie Street, Northwestern; Dick Honig, Mackenzie; Larry Cutright, Cooley; Henry Mack, Western; Henry Carr, Southwestern (NFL/Olympics)

1958 All-City
Dave DeBusschere, Detroit Austin (NBA/MLB); Frank Chickowski, Detroit St. Andrew’s; Ed “Stone” Stewart, Northeastern; Leon Mayberry, Northwestern; Syl Jankowski, Hamtramck St. Florian
First Team
Ed “Stone” Stewart, Northeastern; Bob Blackwell, Eastern; Joe Gualtieri, Southeastern; Lavert France, Cass Tech; Leon Mayberry, Northwestern
Second Team
Edgar Clark, Northern; Lonnie “Tree” Sanders (NFL), Pershing; Jerry Matthews, Chadsey; John Kastl, Western; George Ginger, Redford

1957 All-City
Steve Jordan, Cass Tech; Charlie North, Northwestern (Goose Tatum Harlem Roadkings) ; Dave DeBusschere, Detroit Austin (NBA/MLB); Mike Butka, Detroit All-Saints; Dan Sheridan, Grosse Pointe St. Paul
Steve Jordan, Cass; Roosevelt Lee, Northwestern; Charlie North, Northwestern; Louis Gibbs, Central; James Hester, Miller
East Side
Ed Clark, Northern; James Hester, Miller; Steve Jordan, Cass Tech; Ludwig Stromayer, Southeastern; Jim Harper, Eastern
West Side
Roosevelt Lee, Northwestern; Charlie North, Northwestern; Louis Gibbs, Central; John Kastl, Western; Bob Holmes, Mumford

1956 All-City
Gunars Vitolin, Chadsey; Steve Jordan, Cass Tech; Bob Hojnacki, Detroit St. Andrew’s; Sam Oliver, Southeastern; Tom Stumb, Detroit Austin
Sam Oliver, Southeastern; Steve Jordan, Cass Tech; Louis Gibbs, Central; Gunars Vitolin, Chadsey; Ron Summers, Northwestern (Harlem Globetrotters);  Ron Wiktor, U of D

1955 All-City
Ron Troy, Royal Oak Shrine; Bernie Shimkus, Detroit DeLaSalle; Charles Mitchell, Cass Tech; Terry Knowles, Cooley; Craig Morris, Denby
Jerry Malinasky, sr., Cass Tech; Charles Mitchell, sr., Cass Tech; Terry Knowles, sr., Cooley; Craig Morris, sr., Denby; Jim Williams, sr., Northwestern

1954 All-City
Ed Blair, River Rouge Lourdes; Larry LaVercombe, Cooley; Dan Currie, Detroit St. Anthony; Levi Davis, Miller; Jim Boyce, Northwestern
Jim Boyce,  Northwestern; Larry LaVercombe,  Cooley; Levi Davis,  Miller; Maron Stanford, Miller; Charles Turner, Cooley; Ted Brzozowksi, Pershing; Jerry Malinasky, Cass Tech
No Honorable Mention

 1953 All-City
Al Marcangelo, Southeastern; Dennis Gibson, Northern; Ron Nadolski, Detroit St. Andrew’s; Ed Urbanek, Wyandotte Mt. Carmel; Don Mattes, Detroit DeLaSalle
Al Marcangelo, sr., Southeastern; Dennis Gibson, sr., Northern; Dickie Crenshaw, sr., Chadsey; Sam Washington, sr. (AFL), Western; Stan Sylvester, sr., Southeastern

1952 All-City
Frank Tanana, Sr.; Detroit St. Andrew’s; George “Swinging Gate” Gatewood, Cass Tech; Howard Jones, Northwestern; Ralph Goldstein, Central; Vince Sheeran, Detroit Catholic Central
George “Swinging Gate” Gatewood, sr., Cass Tech; Howard Jones, sr., Northwestern; Ralph Goldstein, sr., Central; John Lawson, sr., Northern; Al Marcangelo, jr., Southeastern 

1951 All-City
Frank Tanana, Sr., Detroit St. Andrew’s; Ken Prather, U of D; George “Swinging Gate” Gatewood, Cass Tech; James “Rabbit” Johnson, Miller; Pat Galvin, Detroit Catholic Central
Ken Prather, sr., U-D High; John Lawson, jr., Northern; James “Rabbit” Johnson, sr., Miller; George “Swinging Gate” Gatewood, jr., Cass Tech; John Epps, sr., Southwestern

1950 All-City
Jim Plecas, Detroit Catholic Central; Denny McCotter, Detroit St. Theresa’s; Charlie “Kingsnake” Primas, Miller (Harlem Globetrotters); Ernie Wagner, Northeastern (Harlem Globetrotters); Ken Prather, U of D
Charlie “Kingsnake” Primas, Miller; Ernie Wagner, Northeastern; Ken Prather, U of D; Walter “Pinky” Thompson, Central; Ralph Totten, Cass Tech
No Honorable Mention


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