Detroit News All PSL/Metro — 1930s

Don Lund

Southeastern’s Don Lund was a 1939 reserve selection for the Detroit News’ All-Metropolitan League squad. He went on to be a first-teamer in both 1940 and 1941. (U-M Photo)

(Editor’s Note: Every attempt has been made to include accurate information on players, coaches, and teams. If you encounter any errors you have documented proof of, please contact one of us with that information.)

At this time we are still searching for a complete Detroit News All-City Team for 1930.

1939 All-Metropolitan
George Hackman, sr., Southeastern; Harvey Pierce, sr., Southeastern; Frank Sabo, jr., Southwestern; Roman Okarski, jr., Northeastern; Clifton Mobley, jr., Hamtramck
Don Lund, Southeastern; Herb Nordquist, Cass Tech; Bob Clark, Sheldon Harris, Central; Doug Rutherford, Denby; Mickey Couzens, Joe Steventon, Western; Clemenseau Edwards, Miller; Tom Albright, Northwestern; Reggie McDonald, Bob Mellush, Eastern; Horace Coleman, Chester Zombrowski, Hamtramck; Bill Czuj, Chadsey; Otto Chady, Highland Park; Don Robinson, Cooley; Charles Apligan, Commerce; Joe Wlostowski, Joe Bortak, Northeastern; Jim Coughlin, U of D; Lou Nazy, Bill Beese, Southwestern.

1938 All-Metropolitan
Harry Szyniszewski, Hamtramck; Bill Jozefiak, Hamtramck; Frank Mekules, Western; Ted Rudzik, Northeastern; Dave Nelson, Northwestern
Second Team
Ed Kotlzrczyk, Southwestern; Tom Crider, Western; Alex Rachunok, Pershing; Howard Keating, U of D; Bob Pokorny, Central

1937 All-Metropolitan
First Team

Ray Bannish, sr., Hamtramck; Eugene Markland, jr., Highland Park; Tom Thiel, sr., Southeastern; William Van Vleck, jr., Northwestern; William Herrmann, sr., Central
Second Team
Jack Davidson, Cooley; Henry Nozewski, Chadsey; William Jozefiak, Hamtramck; Edward Kontrynowicz, Hamtramck; John Van Vleck, Northwestern

1936 All-City
Charles Pink, sr., Northwestern; George Hobach, jr., Southeastern; Frank Mekules, so., Western; James “Country” Davis, sr. Miller (Harlem Globetrotter); Frank Shidler, sr., Northwestern
Bob Kerr, Western

1935 All-City
Charles Pink, jr., Northwestern; Frank Shidler, jr., Northwestern; Gerald Ranney, sr., Northern; James “Country” Davis, jr. (Harlem Globetrotters), Miller; Barney McCoskey, sr., Southwestern (MLB)
Gerald Ramney, Northern; Robert DeWitt, Northern; Chester Zebroski, Hamtramck; James “Country” Davis, Miller; Robert Cade, Northeastern
James Hatcher, Western; Charles Pink, Northwestern; Frank Shidler, Northwestern; Barney McCoskey, Southwestern; William Meyer, Western

1934 All-City
Tom Sheehan, Commerce; George Stark, Central; Malcolm Connard, Northwestern; Adam Adamczyk, Chadsey; Robert McIntosh, Central; James McIntosh, Northern; Herman Fishman, Northern; Walter Mroczek, Northeastern; William Higson, Central; James “Country” Davis, Miller (Harlem Globetrotters)
1933 All-City
Fred Fioretti, Southeastern; Steve Bera, Commerce; Malcolm Connard, Northwestern; Fred Brenner, Southeastern; William Nagy, Southwestern; Henry Kovacs, Southwestern; Herman Fishman, Northern; Tony Ruggerillo, Cooley

1932 All-City
Alfred Ritz, Highland Park; Glen Burgin, Cass Tech; Don Evans, Highland Park; Robert Gibson, Central; Wayne Cruce, Highland Park; Henry Berris, Northern; Carl Meyers, Eastern; George Wancour, Southeastern; William Morris, Western; Carl Bayer, Northern

1931 All-City
East Side
Frank Worzniak, Hamtramck; Ford Moore, Southeastern; Henry Berns, Northern; Chester Laske, Hamtramck; Harold Millet, U of D; Eugene Milose, Hamtramck; Frank Ryan, Commerce
West Side
Alfred Ritz, Highland Park; George Horvath, Southwestern; Leo Fotis, Western; Roy Burgin, Northwestern; William Morris, Western; George Roase, Northwestern; Wayne Cruce, Highland Park 


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