Detroit Free Press All-PSL/Detroit –1920s

(Editor’s Note: Every attempt has been made to include accurate information on players, coaches, and teams. If you encounter any errors you have documented proof of, please contact one of us with that information.)


First Team
Emanuel Fishman, capt., Northern; Norman Kane, Highland Park; Lester Wamsley, Highland Park; John Wojtylo, Hamtramck; George Sperry, Southeastern.
Second Team
Ford, Southeastern; Devor, Redford; Emory, Southeastern; Hachadorian, Northwestern; Vowels, Eastern.
Third Team
Baxter, Hamtramck; Thompson, Southwestern; Greig, Northern; B. Goldstein, Cass Tech; Halvery, Highland Park.
Honorable Mention
Teagan, U of D; Peters, Western; Rock, Central; Ashen, Northern; Benson, Hamtramck.

First Team
Milanki, Northeastern; Harold Green, Northern; Dougall, Northwestern; Lindsay, Northwestern; Major, Southwestern.
Second Team
Fisher, Northeastern; Stokes, Southeastern or Southwestern?; Stefanski, Northwestern; Clark, Highland Park; Mack, Hamtramck.
Third Team
Higgins, Northwestern; Turner, Southwestern; Gracey, Eastern; Knight, Northwestern; Molenda, Northwestern, but should be Northeastern.

(No 1st or 2nd teams and midyear graduates ineligible)
John Molenda, Northeastern; Virgil Noble, Southeastern; Ernie McCoy, Northwestern; Nate Gealer, Central; Kratz, Southwestern; Charlie Guinnip, Northwestern.
Leslie Fairbairn, Northwestern; Lambert Springer, Southeastern; Everitt Hill, Northeastern; Marx, Northern; Smokiewicz, Southwestern.
Frank Hojnacki, Northeastern; Eddie Moore, Northwestern; Harold Hendricks, Southeastern; Robinson, Central; Joe Truskowski, Northeastern; Gordon McKay, Northwestern.

(No 1st or 2nd teams)
Sam Babcock, Central; Harold Bejin, Western; Nick Stromp, Southwestern; Harold Kahl, Eastern; James Lemen, Eastern; Kenneth Van Hee, Northern; Robert Heisel, Northwestern; John Molenda, Northeastern; Jesweak, Commerce.
Erhardt Halleen, Western; “Spider” Hill, Northeastern; Harry Ryan, Eastern; Ernie McCoy, Northwestern; Gunn, Cass; “Red” Klausmeyer, Central; Marvin Putnam, Southeastern.
Gorman Flesher, Western; Joe Truskowski, Northeastern; Jack Ruhl, Northwestern; Nate Gealer, Central; Jack McGovern, Eastern; Virgil Noble, Southeastern; Leo Scarfuri, Southwestern; Reason, Northwestern.
(More research needed, but the “1st All-City” played “Another Star Five” at YMCA)
“1st All City team”
Dempsey, Northern; Winkworth, Western; Pine, Western; Ginn, Western; Noble, Southeastern; Bombard, Southeastern.
“Another Star Five”
Lemen, Eastern; MacDougall, Southeastern; Heartt?, Central; Jaglowitz, Eastern; Townsend, Central; Bilas?, Northwestern. (Question marks are due to poor microfilm quality.)


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