Free Press All-State — 1960s

Spencer Haywood

Pershing’s Spencer Haywood is pictured here in all his sartorial splendor as a Seattle Supersonic in 1974. Less than a decade prior he was a two-time Detroit Free Press first-team Class A All-State selection in 1966 and 1967. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer photo)

Class A
First Team: Marvin “Corky” Taylor, Mumford; Cal Tatum, Muskegon; Ken Brady, Flint Central; Ernie Johnson, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills; Brian Breslin, East Lansing; Coach Art Tuls, Holland Christian
Second Team: Tom “Cookie” Marsh, Northern; Bob Rhodin, Ypsilanti; Mark Champagne, Saginaw Arthur Hill; Tom Kozelko, Traverse City (NBA); Leon Roberts, Portage Northern (MLB)
Third Team: Blake Ashdown, East Lansing; Dave Frost, Flint Northern; Lovell Holmes, Jackson; Doug MacKenzie, Warren Fitzgerald; John Sark, Detroit Austin
Fourth Team: Jeff Walker, Central; Brad VanPelt, Owosso (NFL); Sanders, Benton Harbor; Mike “Mike Rob” Robinson, Northeastern; Cole, Flint Beecher
Fifth Team: Roberson, Saginaw; Merchel, Hazel Park; Lewis, Ferndale; Cwyana, Grand Rapids West Catholic; Blair, East Lansing
Sixth Team: Tom Slade, Garden City West; Smith, Romulus; MacAloon, Birmingham Brother Rice; Ike, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills; Cieslak, Detroit Catholic Central
Class D
First Team: Jim Essian, Detroit St. Martin (MLB)
Honorable Mention (All Classes): Lindsay “Spider” Hairston, Kettering (NBA); Harris, Mumford; Carvin Melson, Murray-Wright; Lindell Reason, Murray-Wright; Jim Humes, Grosse Pointe South; Ulmer, Grosse Pointe; Joe DeLamielleure, Centerline St. Clement (NFL); Campanella “Campy” Russell, Pontiac Central (NBA).

No Detroit News or Detroit Free Press all-state teams due to the Detroit newspapers’ strike. At least three other Michigan newspapers reported the Associated Press (AP) and the United Press International (UPI) All State teams

Battle Creek Enquirer (3/28/68) 1968 UPI Class A 
First Team: Ralph Simpson, Detroit Pershing (ABA/NBA); Gene Brown, Battle Creek Central; T. C. Blair, East Lansing; Sam Simmons, Kalamazoo Central; Dave McDonald, Midland.
Second Team: Dan Shinabarger, Holland; Dwight Pinnix, Flint Central; Tom Kozelko, Traverse City (NBA); Ron Gutowski, Detroit Catholic Central; Jim Jones, Port Huron.
Third Team: Cal Tatum, Muskegon; Oim Cooper, Mt. Pleasant; Curtis Jones, Detroit Northwestern; Craig Larsen, Ypsilanti; Blake Ashdown, East Lansing; Leon Roberts, Portage Central (MLB) six listed on the third team.
Honorable Mention: John Jones and Charles Johnson, Battle Creek; Dave Strack, Ann Arbor Huron; Bernard Moore, Lansing Sexton; Jim Kesterke, Benton Harbor; Andy Peck, Battle Creek Lakeview.

Battle Creek Enquirer (3/29/1968) 1968 AP Class A
First Team:
Ralph Simpson, Detroit Pershing (ABA/NBA); Sam Simmons, Kalamazoo Central; Ron Gutowski, Detroit Catholic Central; Dan Shinabarger, Holland; Craig Larsen, Ypsilanti. Second Team:
John Naymick, Traverse City; Gene Brown, Battle Creek Central; Chuck Taylor, Wyandotte Roosevelt; Dave McDonald, Midland; Mike Maciasz, Garden City East. Honorable Mention:
Joel Hizer, Adrian; Don Davis, Ann Arbor Pioneer; Dave Strack, Ann Arbor Huron; Tony Smith, Phil Selby, and Jim Ingram, Jackson Parkside; Billy Norns, Ray Poole, and Loveil Holmes, Jackson, T.C. Blair, East Lansing.

Class A
First Team: Spencer Haywood
, Pershing (NBA/ABA); Dan Fife, Clarkston; Ralph Houston, Muskegon Heights; Tim Bograkos, Flint Central; Mike Rafferty, Birmingham Groves; Coach Will Robinson, Pershing
Second Team: John Mayberry, Northwestern (MLB); Nick Ferri, Detroit Catholic Central; Paul Miller, Escanaba; Adrian Prince, Saginaw; Tom Thom, Saginaw Arthur Hill
Third Team: Ralph Simpson, Pershing (NBA/ABA); Paul Botts, Grand Rapids Central; Ike Blessitt, Hamtramck (MLB); Al Jagutis, Monroe; Tim Klein, Niles
Fourth Team: Bjerke, Redford Union; Bittner, Kearsley; Hall, Jackson Parkside; Tatum, Muskegon; VanderWall, Alpena
Fifth Team: Davis, Muskegon Heights; Curtis Jones, Northwestern; Morrison, Midland; Papak, Warren Cousino; Simmons, Kalamazoo
Sixth Team: Heard, Southwestern; Jones, Port Huron; Lamont King, Northwestern; O’Hara, East Detroit; Curtis, Lansing Everett
Class B
First Team: Kennedy McIntosh, South Haven (NBA)
Honorable Mention (All Classes): Matt Anderson, Southeastern; Hunter, Central; King, Cooley; Gary Lincoln, Henry Ford; Lindell Reason, Murray-Wright; Craig VanDam, Cody.

Class A
First Team: Spencer Haywood
, Pershing (NBA/ABA); Earle “Sticks” Higgins, Ann Arbor (ABA); Rudy Tomjanovich, Hamtramck (NBA); Fred Carver, Kalamazoo; David Day, Muskegon Heights; Coach Fred Lee, East Detroit
Second Team: Ron Binge, East Detroit; Ellis Hull, Benton Harbor; John Parker, Detroit Austin; Frank Blake, Battle Creek; John Canine, Hazel Park
Third Team: Larry Moore, Mumford; Jesse Evans, Pontiac Central; Rick Pickering, Jackson Parkside; Harvey Marlatt, Alpena (NBA); Dave Fisher, Trenton
Fourth Team: Bloodworth, Ferndale; Riley, Saginaw; Peltz, Royal Oak Kimball; Jansen, East Lansing; Ted Hillary, Grand Rapids Catholic
Fifth Team: John Mayberry, Northwetesrn (MLB); Dan Fife, Clarkston; Rafferty, Birmingham Groves; Deigiudice, Dearborn Fordson; Myers, Ainsworth
Sixth Team: Carlisle, Grand Rapids Central; Johnson, Kalamazoo; Mazola, Schafer; Rossell, Clio; Ziem, Waterford
Class B
First Team:
 Kennedy McIntosh, South Haven (NBA)
Honorable Mention (All Classes): Fishman, Mumford; Session Harlan, Mackenzie; Jones, Northeastern (could this be Curtis with a typo?); Mike Kudlas, Cody; McCullough, Western; Robinson, Eastern; Arnold Stafford, Northern; Williams, Eastern; Czarnecki, Grosse Pointe High; Doug Hess, East Detroit; Miller, Grosse Pointe High; George Trapp, Highland Park (NBA).

Class A

First Team: L.C. Bowen, Benton Harbor; Lee Lafayette, Grand Rapids South; Roy Hinton, Saginaw; Leroy Blassingame, Flint Northwestern; John Brisker, Hamtramck (NBA/ABA); Coach Roy Burkhart, Ferndale
Second Team: Hal Wilbur, Birmingham Seaholm; Al Brenner, Niles; Paul Albright, Marquette; Roger Hayward, Pontiac Northern; Lee Palmer, Ferndale
Third Team: Joe Neely, Northwestern; Bill Ford, Mt. Clemens; John Holms, Lansing Sexton; John Rudley, Benton Harbor; Ron Howle, Allen Park
Fourth Team: Trice, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills; Lindenmulder, Lakeview; Harvey Marlatt, Alpena (NBA); Bill Gardner, Cody; Dent, Flint Northern
Fifth Team: Smith, Pershing; Hutchinson, Trenton; Swartzfager, Detroit DeLaSalle; Gearty, Detroit Catholic Central; Arnold, Pontiac Central
Sixth Team: John Parker, Detroit Austin; Fred Smiley, Inkster; Peltz, KimballLockman, Traverse City; Howard Heard, Southwestern
Honorable Mention (All Classes): Willie Edwards, Northeastern; Willie “Spider” Griffin, Northeastern (Harlem Globetrotters); Smith, Pershing; Niemer Hamood, Detroit Fordson; Bridges, Highland Park; Rudy Tomjanovich, Hamtramck (NBA).

Class A
First Team:
Lee Lafayette, Grand Rapids South; L.C. Bowen, Benton Harbor; Bruce Rodwan, Ferndale; Steve Rymal, Adrian; Ralph Brisker, Hamtramck; Coach Clayton Kowalk, Lansing Sexton
Second Team: Jim Pitts, Northwestern; Cliff Foster, Lansing Sexton; Larry Hammock, Muskegon Heights; Bruce Forstrom, Marquette; Ray Parks, Flint Southwestern
Third Team: Bill Tally, Northern; Art Gelow, Saginaw Arthur Hill; John Holms, Lansing Sexton; Mel Summers, Flint Central; Bruce Nyberg, Birmingham
Fourth Team: Dillon, Sturgis; Hayward, Pontiac Northern; Willie “Stick” Iverson, Pershing (ABA); Salci, Warren; Drinkhahn, Monroe
Fifth Team: DeWalt, Pontiac Central; Patton, Saginaw; Geistler, Redford; Ford, Mt. Clemens; Hopson, Muskegon
Sixth Team: Brenner, Niles; Craven, Clarkston; Harris, East Lansing; Noyes, Lake Shore; Bolin, Livonia Bentley
Class C
First Team:
 Jim Bigham, Grosse Pointe St. Paul
Honorable Mention (All Classes): Willie “Spider” Griffin, Northeastern (Harlem Globetrotters); Pardee, Redford; John Brisker, Hamtramck (NBA/ABA); Calihan, U-D High; Al Hairston, Mt. Clemens (NBA); Harvey Marlatt, Alpena (NBA); Tom Paciorek, Hamtramck St. Ladislaus (MLB).

Class A
First Team:
 Alex McNutt, Benton Harbor; Lovell Humes, Saginaw; Craig Dill, capt. Saginaw Arthur Hill (ABA); Gary Spade, Grosse Pointe High; Cliff “Chain” Williams, Southwestern (NBA)
Second Team: Howard French, Alpena; Jim Hornberger, East Lansing; Chuck Ingram, Port Huron; Al Andrews, Benton Harbor; Sam Mims, Highland Park
Third Team: Charles Byrd, Inkster Robichaud; Homer Scarborough, Lansing Sexton; Carrol Wachter, Marquette; Fred Brown, Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills; Dennis Rogers, Redford
Fourth Team: Nelson, Adrian; Wilhite, Bay City Handy; Henry, Pontiac Central; Kent, Livonia Bentley; Sam Williams, Northern (NBA)
Fifth Team: Almonroeder, Escanaba; Hayward, Pontiac Northern; Pine, Detroit Austin; Dick Smith, Pershing; Smith, Ecorse
Sixth Team: McNeal, Ferndale; LePla, Redford Union; Dersey, Monroe; Quaimann, Troy; Shaler Halimon, Romulus (NBA/ABA)
Class B
First Team:
 Willie Betts, capt., River Rouge; Third Team: Paul Fink, Detroit St. Anthony
Class C
First Team:
 Dennis “Banks” Bankey, Detroit St. Thomas; Second Team: Bob Martin, Grosse Pointe St. Paul
Class D
Perrin, Grosse Pointe University School
Honorable Mention (All Classes): Tom Andren, Denby; Ralph Brisker, Hamtramck; Bigham, Grosse Pointe St. Paul; Mel “Baby” Daniels, Pershing (NBA/ABA); Tim Flowers, Northwestern; Hartwick, Grosse Pointe University School; Bob Kemp, Southeastern; Marc Lonesk, Grosse Pointe High; Tom Paciorek, Hamtramck St. Ladislaus, Ted Sizemore, Pershing (MLB).

Class A
First Team: Stan Washington
, Northwestern; Ernie Thompson, Saginaw; Oliver Darden, Western (ABA); John Truitt, East Lansing; Sam Moore, Muskegon; Coach Larry Laeding, Saginaw
Second Team: Bill Yearby, Eastern (AFL); Bill Curtis, Grand Rapids South; Pat Hourigan, St. Clair Shores Lakeview; Al McNutt, Benton Harbor; Jim Yuille, Flint Southwestern
Third Team: John Rowser, Eastern (NFL); Joe Hamood, Dearborn Fordson (ABA); Brian Best, Saginaw; Lou Perry, East Detroit; Rod Marlatt, Alpena
Fourth Team: Johnston, Wayne; Hornberger, East Lansing; Harden, Highland Park; Chilton, Royal Oak Kimball; Steve Gossard, Redford
Fifth Team: Sanders, Muskegon Heights; Jerry Pettway, Northern (ABA); Law, Detroit Catholic Central; Grams, Grand Rapids Creston; Ingram, Port Huron
Sixth Team: Matulewicz, Detroit DeLaSalle; Henry Akin, Troy (NBA); Simpson, Grand Rapids Central; Ransom, Pontiac; Olsen, Rochester
Class B
First Team:
Ken Wilburn, River Rouge (NBA/ABA); Second Team: John Paciorek, Hamtramck St. Ladislaus (MLB)
Class C
First Team:
Gary Schick, Grosse Pointe St. Paul; Third Team: Dennis “Banks” Bankey, Detroit St. Thomas
Honorable Mention (All Classes): Jim Buzewski, Cody; Leroy Haywood, Northeastern; Kramer, U-D High; Ted Sizemore, Pershing (MLB); Stinson, Cass Tech; Cliff “Chain” Williams, Southwestern; Pete Gent, Bangor (NFL); George Peeples, Ecorse (ABA); Spade, Grosse Pointe High.

Class A
First Team: Reggie Harding
, Eastern (NBA/ABA); Bob Thompkins, Jackson; Larry Tregoning, Ferndale; Jerry Tillman, Saginaw; Bill Downs, Detroit Catholic Central; Coach Lofton Greene, River Rouge
Second Team: Bill Curtis, Grand Rapids South; Larry Carpernter, Northwestern; Sam Moore, Muskegon; Bobby Joe Hill, Highland Park; Brian Ferguson, Lansing Sexton
Third Team: Marvin Mitchell, Chadsey; Ernie Thompson, Saginaw; John Sluka, Grand Haven; Duane Soine, Roseville; George Fed, Pontiac Central
Fourth Team: Dickerson, Flint Central; Marcus Sanders, Pershing; Veenendaal, Grosse Pointe High; Davis, Lansing Sexton; Erickson, Midland
Fifth Team: Schiender, St. Joseph; Johnson, Lansing Everett; Calkins, Saginaw Arthur Hill; Donaldson, Lincoln Park; Snyder, Niles
Sixth Team: Briedinger, Owosso; Fedynik, Pontiac Northern; Fisher, Escanaba; Henderson, East Lansing; Leigh, Melvindale
Class B
Fourth Team: John Paciorek, Hamtramck St. Ladislaus (MLB).

Class A
First Team: Reggie Harding
, Eastern (NBA/ABA); Fred Thomann, Taylor Center; Doug Herner, Lansing Sexton; Doug Miller, East Lansing; Harold McPherson, Muskegon Heights
Second Team: Maurice McHartley, Central (ABA); Phil Rabaja, Pontiac Central; Jim Ashford, Hamtramck; John Meadows, Royal Oak Dondero; Ron Maat, Holland
Third Team: Dave Tingler, Saginaw Arthur Hill; Larry Edwards, Grand Rapids Central; Jim Glennie, Alpena; Dennis Stinson, Ferndale; Longworth Mapp, Highland Park
Fourth Team: Nichols, Muskegon; Peller Phillips, Northwestern; Halstead, Henry Ford; Baker, Kalamazoo; Fitzgerald, Detroit Austin
Fifth Team: Ferguson, Sexton; Downs, Detroit Catholic Central; Ernie Thompson, Saginaw; Bob Tompkins, Jackson; Dase, St. Joseph
Sixth Team: Barr, Port Huron; Carmichael, Bentley; Erickson, Midland; Hardwick, Inkster Roosevelt; Summers, Flint Northern
Honorable Mention (All Classes): Larry Carpenter, Northwestern; Garza, Hamtramck; Bobby Joe Hill, Highland Park; Henry Lewis, Northeastern; John Nance, Cody; Ed Richardson, Wilbur Wright; Ron Richardson, Southwestern; Marcus Sanders, Pershing; Schram, Veendenadaal, Grosse Pointe; Dennis “Banks” Bankey, Detroit St. Thomas.

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