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Hello there!

You’ve stumbled upon a site that, in time, will be the home to just about every historical nugget regarding Detroit Public School League basketball three like-minded historians and hoop nuts have been able to compile.

Our goal for this site is to provide the basics (PSL Champions, All-PSL Performers, Operation Friendship Champions, etc.) and the more in depth (40-point performances, PSL prep and collegiate All-Americans, PSL players in the NBA, etc.).

If you like what you see let us know. We’d love to hear your comments and what you enjoyed about your visit.

Likewise, if you see any errors or have some information we’re missing (and there are some of those we’re afraid) we’d love to hear about that too. Please click on one of the e-mail links to the right and drop us a line.

This site would not be nearly as complete without the help of the following:  Charles Nichols and Eunice Moore, retired Directors of Health, Physical Education, and Safety for the Detroit Public Schools; Dick CunninghamRon Pesch; the Michigan High School Athletic Association; high school sports reporters from the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, the Michigan Chronicle, and the Detroit Times; traveling researcher William J. Chandler; the good folks at the Association of Professional Basketball Research (Bijan Bayne, Robert Bradley, John Duxbury, John GrassoRay LeBov, and Dave Quinn); Harlem Globetrotters’ experts John Christgau, Ben Green, and J Michael Kenyon;and Dr. John Kline of the Black Legends of Professional Basketball. All of these individuals have provided information and/or artifacts that we’ve found to be valuable resources for us.

Please take a moment and check out the love Ali from Bounce showed our own Bill Hoover, Jr. in an article on All-Decades Detroit Basketball Teams.

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