PSL Alums Drafted by NBA Franchises

Each spring, when the NBA concludes its season basketball fans turn their attention to the annual NBA Draft.

During the seasons from 1967-68 through 1975-76, the ABA was a viable “major league” and its draft was a legitimate competitor of the NBA.  A rendition of the ABA exists today – and it is a professional league – but it is no longer on the same level of the NBA.

The NBA draft has also changed.  In June of 1988, the draft dropped to three rounds and in the following year it dropped to its current configuration of only two rounds.  (The draft did not contain official “rounds” until 1957.)

The “lower-round” selection of years past would likely be today’s candidates for summer league and training camp invitations.

The following list contains the names of those PSL products selected in NBA draft. They are categorized by year. The player name is listed first, followed by his high school(s)/college(s), and the team that drafted him and the round drafted.

As always, Bill Hoover Jr., our researcher has included draftees from Highland Park(a personal favorite school of Hoover’s) and Detroit East Catholic (where Hoover spent some time coaching).


Blaine Denning, Northern/Wilberforce/Lawrence Tech, Baltimore Bullets-N/A

Werner Killen, Central/Lawrence Tech, Baltimore Bullets-3rd

George Brown
, Cass Tech/Wayne (State), Minneapolis Lakers-4th

George Lee, Highland Park/Michigan, Detroit Pistons-4th

Reggie Harding
, Northeastern/Eastern/Nashville (TN) Christian, Detroit Pistons-4th
John Bradley, Highland Park /Lawrence Tech, Detroit Pistons-7th
Mike Rice, Cass Tech/Redford/Duquesne, Detroit Pistons-8th

Reggie Harding, Northeastern/Eastern/Nashville (TN) Christian, Detroit Pistons-6th
Ira Harge, Northeastern/Burlington (IA) CC/Bowling Green/New Mexico, Detroit Pistons-7th

Ira Harge, Northeastern/Burlington (IA) CC/Bowling Green/New Mexico, Philadelphia 76ers-2nd
Maurice McHartley, Central/North Carolina A&T, St. Louis Hawks-7th

Bill Buntin
, Cass Tech/Northern/Michigan, Detroit Pistons- “Territorial Pick” (like 1st)

Dorie Murrey
, Cass Tech/Detroit, Detroit Pistons-2nd
Oliver Darden, Western/Michigan, Detroit Pistons-3rd
Stan Washington, Northwestern/Michigan State, Los Angeles Lakers-5th

Mel DanielsMel Daniels
, Pershing/New Mexico, Cincinnati Royals-1st
Jerry Pettway, Northern/Northwood, Cincinnati Royals- 14th
Dorie Murrey, Cass Tech/Detroit, Seattle SuperSonics- “Expansion Draft”

Sam Williams
, Northern/Burlington (IA) CC/Iowa, Milwaukee Bucks- 3rd – 5th

Ben McGilmer, Northwestern/Iowa, Seattle SuperSonics-6th
Robert “Tree” Presley, Pershing/Northern/Salinas (CA)/Hartnell (CA) JC/Mt. San Jacinto (CA) JC/California, Milwaukee Bucks-11th
Jim Connally, Pershing/Bowling Green,  Seattle SuperSonics-11th

Marv Copeland, Northern/Michigan Lutheran, Detroit Pistons-7th
Ben McGilmer, Northwestern/Iowa, Baltimore Bullets-12th
Dorie Murrey, Cass Tech/Detroit, Portland Trailblazers- “Expansion Draft”

Spencer HaywoodGeorge Trapp, Highland Park/Monravia (CA)/Pasadena (CA) CC/Long Beach State,
Atlanta Hawks-1st
Spencer Haywood, McNair (MS)/Pershing/Tennessee/Trinidad (CO)/Detroit, Buffalo Braves-2nd
Leroy Jenkins, Northwestern (1970 Free Press article said Detroit Eastern)/ Detroit Tech (Actually Detroit College of Business, not Tech), Detroit Pistons-17th
Ike Bundy, Mackenzie/Detroit Tech, Detriot Pistons-18th

Ralph Simpson
, Southeastern/Pershing/Michigan State, Chicago Bulls-1st
Wardell Dyson, Southwestern/Shaw (MI), Phoenix Suns-5th
Charles Edge, Northeastern/Henry Ford CC (MI)/LeMoyne-Owen, Phoenix Suns-6th
James Floyd, Northern/Illinois State/Shaw (MI), Baltimore Bullets-8th

Lindell ReasonDennis Johnson
, Redford/Ferris State, Detroit Pistons-6th
James Floyd, Northern/Illinois State/Shaw (MI), Milwaukee Bucks-6th
Lindell Reason, Murray-Wright/Eastern Michigan, Portland Trailblazers-8th
Marvin “Corky” Taylor, Mumford/Minnesota, Boston Celtics-9th
Bob Solomon, Northern/Wayne State, Detroit Pistons-10th
Charles Edge, Northeastern/Henry Ford CC (MI)/LeMoyne-Owen, New York Knicks-11th
Lamont King, Northwestern/Michigan/Long Beach State, Boston Celtics-17th

Eric Money
, Kettering/Arizona, Detroit Pistons-2nd
Coneil Norman, Kettering/Arizona, Philadelphia 76ers-3rd
George Gervin, King/ Long Beach State/Eastern Michigan,  Phoenix Suns-3rd
Ron DeVries, Redford/Illinois State, Los Angeles Lakers-4th
Mike Robinson, Northeastern/Michigan State, Cleveland Cavaliers-7th

Dan RoundfieldDan Roundfield, Chadsey/Central Michigan, Cleveland Cavaliers-2nd
Larry Fogle, Brooklyn (NY) Boys High/Brooklyn (NY) Alexander Hamilton/ Brooklyn (NY) Lafayette/Cooley/Southwestern Louisiana/Canisius, New York Knicks-2nd
James McElroy, Murray-Wright/Monroe (MI) CC/Central Michigan, New Orleans Jazz-3rd
Robert “Bubbles” Hawkins, Pershing/Illinois State, Golden State Warriors-3rd
Lindsay Hairston, Kettering/Michigan State, Detroit Pistons-4th
Cyrus Mann, Southeastern/Illinois State, Boston Celtics-4th
Cliff Pratt, Murray-Wright/Shaw (MI), Detroit Pistons-5th
Dwain Govan, Southeastern/Bishop (TX), Seattle SuperSonics-5th

Johnny Davis, Murray-Wright/Dayton, Portland Trailblazers-2nd
Randy Henry, Mackenzie/Illinois State, Detroit Pistons-8th

Terry Dureod, Highland Park/Detroit, Detroit Pistons-3rd
Tony Robertson, Southwestern/West Virginia, Los Angeles Lakers-4th
Jerome Gladney, King/Arizona, San Antonio Spurs-8th

Terry TylerTerry Tyler, Central/Northwestern/Detroit, Detroit Pistons-2nd
Erving Giddings, Chadsey/Dayton, New York Knicks-4th

Greg Kelser, Henry Ford/Michigan State, Detroit Pistons-1st
Larry “Alabama” Knight, Northeastern/Loyola (IL), Utah Jazz-1st
Earl Cureton, Finney/Robert Morris/Detroit, Philadelphia 76ers-3rd
Greg Guye, Detroit East Catholic/Stetson, Indiana Pacers-6th

Stuart House, Detroit St. Mary’s of Redford/Denby/Washington State, Cleveland Cavaliers-4th
Larry Belin, Pershing/ New Mexico, Portland Trailblazers-5th

Durand “Speedy” Walker
, Mumford/Marion, Cleveland Cavaliers-10th

Marlow McClain
, Murray-Wright/Eastern Michigan, Detroit Pistons-9th
Keith Smith, Mackenzie/Michigan/San Diego State, San Diego Clippers-11th

Kevin Willis
, Kettering/Pershing/Jackson (MI) CC/Michigan State, Atlanta Hawks-1st
Gary Plummer , Osborn/Boston University, Golden State Warriors-4th
Nate Rollins, Southeastern/Fort Hays State, Kansas City Kings-8th

Derrick Gervin, Cass Tech/Finney/King/Texas-San Antonio, Philadelphia 76ers-4th
Vincent Giles, Henry Ford/Eastern Michigan, Detroit Pistons-6th

Roy TarpleyRoy Tarpley
, Far Rockaway (NY)/Mobile (AL) Blount/Cooley/Michigan, Dallas Mavericks-1st
Anthony Watson, Cooley/San Diego State, Denver Nuggets-4th

Steve Beck, Southeastern/Arizona State, Phoenix Suns-4th
Vernon Carr, Cody/Highland Park (MI) CC/Michigan State, Sacramento Kings-5th
Antoine Joubert, Southwestern/Michigan, Detroit Pistons-6th

Derrick Coleman, Cooley/Northern/Syracuse, New Jersey Nets-1st

Victor AlexanderSteve Smith, Pershing/Michigan State, Miami Heat-1st
Doug Smith, Mackenzie/Missouri, Dallas Mavericks-1st
Victor Alexander, Denby/Iowa State, Golden State Warriors-1st

Carlos Rogers, Northwestern/Tennessee State, Seattle SuperSonics-1st
Jalen Rose, Southwestern/Michigan, Denver Nuggets-1st
Howard Eisley, Chadsey/Southwestern/Boston College, Minnesota Timberwolves-2nd
Voshon Lenard, Southwestern/Minnesota, Milwaukee Bucks-2nd

Maurice Taylor
, Henry Ford/Michigan, Los Angeles Clippers-1st

Robert Traylor
, Murray-Wright/Michigan, Dallas Mavericks-1st
Derrick Dial, Cass Tech/Eastern Michigan, San Antonio Spurs-2nd

Ken JohnsonKen Johnson
, Henry Ford/Ohio State, Miami Heat-2nd

Willie Green
, Cooley/Detroit-Mercy, Seattle SuperSonics-2nd

Rickey Paulding
, Renaissance/Missouri, Detroit Pistons-2nd

Maurice Ager
, Crockett/Michigan State, Dallas Mavericks-1st

Chris Douglas-Roberts
, Cass Tech/Northwestern/Memphis,  New Jersey Nets-2nd
Malik Hairston, Renaissance/Oregon, Phoenix Suns-2nd
Joe Crawford, Renaissance/Kentucky, Los Angeles Lakers-2nd

Jordan Crawford, CMA/Hargrave Military Academy/Indiana/Xavier, New Jersey Nets-1st


Kahlil “Kay” Felder, Pershing/Oakland (MI), Atlanta Hawks-2nd (54th overall, rights traded to Cleveland Cavaliers)

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