PSL Alums Drafted by ABA Franchises

During the seasons from 1967-68 through 1975-76, the ABA was a viable “major league” and its draft was a legitimate competitor of the NBA.  A rendition of the ABA exists today – and it is a professional league – but it is no longer on the same level of the NBA.

Below are a listing of Detroit PSL products — and one Highland Park grad — who were selected in the ABA’s Draft.

Mel DanielsJerry Pettway, Northern/Northwood, Houston Mavericks-“Additional Rounds”
Mel Daniels, Pershing/New Mexico, Minnesota Muskies-1st – 5th

Willie Iverson
, Pershing/Central Michigan, Miami Floridians- 1st – 5th
Sam Williams, Northern/Burlington (IA) CC/Iowa, Minnesota Pipers- 1st – 5th

Robert “Tree” Presley
, Pershing/Northern/Salinas (CA)/Hartnell (CA) JC/Mt. San Jacinto (CA) JC/California, Denver Rockets- 1st -5th

Spencer Haywood, McNair (MS)/Pershing/Tennessee/Trinidad (CO)/Detroit, Denver Rockets-1st

George Trapp, Highland Park/Monravia (CA)/Pasadena (CA) CC/Long Beach State, Dallas Chaparrals-“Additional Rounds”

Wardell Dyson
, Southwestern/Shaw (MI),Indiana Pacers-“Additional Rounds”
Charles Edge, Northeastern/Henry Ford CC (MI)/LeMoyne-Owen, Pittsburgh Condors
Charles Edge, Northeastern/Henry Ford CC (MI)/LeMoyne-Owen, Memphis Tams-5th “Dispersal Draft”

George GervinGeorge Gervin, King/Long Beach State/Eastern Michigan, Virginia Squires-Special Circumstances Draft”
Lamont King, Northwestern/Michigan/Long Beach State, Denver Rockets-1st “Supplementary Draft”
Dennis Johnson, Redford/Ferris State, Utah Stars-1st “Supplementary Draft”
Lindell Reason, Murray-Wright/Eastern Michigan, Denver Rockets-3rd “Supplementary Draft”
James Floyd, Northern/Illinois State/Shaw (MI), Utah Stars-3rd “Supplementary Draft”

Coneil Norman, Kettering/Arizona, Denver Nuggets-4th
Ron DeVries, Redford/Illinois State, Indiana Pacers-6th
Eric Money, Kettering/Arizona, Denver Nuggets-7th
Larry Fogle, Brooklyn (NY) Boys High/Brooklyn (NY) Alexander Hamilton/Brooklyn (NY) Lafayette/Cooley/Southwestern Louisiana/Canisius, Denver Nuggets-8th

Larry FogleDan Roundfield, Chadsey/Central Michigan, Indiana Pacers-1st
Larry Fogle, Brooklyn (NY) Boys High/Brooklyn (NY) Alexander Hamilton/Brooklyn (NY) Lafayette/Cooley/Southwestern Louisiana/Canisius, St. Louis Spirits-5th
Cliff Pratt, Murray-Wright/Shaw (MI), Indiana Pacers-7th

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