Detroit News All-PSL/Metro — 1910s

(Editor’s Note: Every attempt has been made to include accurate information on players, coaches, and teams. If you encounter any errors you have documented proof of, please┬ácontact one of us with that information.)

At this time we have only been able to recover Detroit News All-City Teams from 1910 and 1912. If you have information about the other teams please contact one of us.

1912 All-Schools Team
First Team
Leslie Clark, Central; Howard Warner, Central; George Whitmarsh, Central; Werner Kersten, Eastern; Herbert Rumler, Eastern
Second Team
Herbert Weekes, Eastern; Allen Perkins, Eastern; Louis Hyde, Eastern; Harry Wood, Central; Hazen Bedford, Western

1910 Detroit Ideal “Prep” Five
First Team
Melvin, Central; Schaffer, Western; Seiffert, Eastern; Johnny Roxborough, Eastern; Keller, Central
Second Team
Snow, Eastern; Hindelang, Eastern; Chaille, Central; Walsh, Central; Tommy Roxborough, Eastern
Third Team
Sarvene, Central; Mathieson, Western; Weir, Western; Fiferlick, Western; Koeinig, Central

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