Detroit News All-PSL/Metro — 1900s

(Editor’s Note: Every attempt has been made to include accurate information on players, coaches, and teams. If you encounter any errors you have documented proof of, please contact one of us with that information.)

To the best of our knowledge, 1904 was the first year the Detroit News began doing some form of the All-City Team.
1909 All-Detroit

First Team
Bauld, Eastern; Walper, Eastern; Jack Miller, D.U.S.; Fraser, D.U.S.; Williamson, Central
Schlee, D.U.S.; Spiegel, D.U.S.; Gibson, Central; Kimche, Central; Knight, D.U.S.

1908 Detroit News-Tribune All-City
First Team
Charles Roxborough, Eastern; Ulbrich, Eastern; Scotty Smith, Central; Jack Miller, D.U.S.; Fred Busch, D.U.S.
Second Team
Himburg, Eastern; Webb, Central; Bush, Central; Bird, D.U.S.; Walper, Eastern     

1907 Detroit News-Tribune All-School
First Team

Raiss, Eastern; Charles Roxborough, Eastern; Smith, Central; Newkirk, Central; O’Connor, Central
Second Team
Ulbrich, Eastern; Walper, Eastern; Bateson, Central; Clarence Bush, Central; Crebbin, Western

1906 Detroit News All School
Kennedy, Western; Bertram “Dutch” Lerchen, Central (MLB); F. Lerchen, Central; O’Connor, Central; Jack Miller, Central;Bullian, Eastern; Raiss, Eastern;Lampson, Eastern

1905 Detroit News All-High Basket Ball Team (sic)
First Team
Bennett, Eastern; Kinsel, Eastern; Wasmund, Eastern; Miller, Central; Dunsmore, Western
Second Team
Tyler, Western; Sparling, D.U.S.; Donovan, Central; Freeman, Central; Smith, Eastern

1904 Detroit News All-City
Kinsell, Eastern; Dunsmore, Western; Bennett, Eastern; Wasmund, Eastern; Miller, Central


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