Detroit Times All-City Teams

1960 All Metro(Last year for the Detroit Times.)

Reggie Harding, Eastern (NBA/original ABA); Maurice McHartley, Central (original ABA); Ron Richardson, Southwestern; Peller Phillips, Northwestern; Ed Richardson, Wilbur Wright.

All-East: Marcus Sanders, Pershing; Mike Herzog, Southeastern; Leroy Haywood, Northeastern; Henry Lewis, Northeastern; Bill Harper, Eastern.

All West: Elmer Mitchell, Chadsey; Willie “The Beast” Thomas, Northwestern; Larry Carpenter, Northwestern; John Nance, Cody; Dale Carley, Redford.

1959 (Could not find All Metro League team.  Detroit Times All-Suburban and other leagues were listed on March 7 and Times All State was listed on March 22, 1959. Following are the Metro/PSL player from the Detroit Times All-State team)

All State Dream Team David “Smokey” Gaines, Northeastern (original ABA/Harlem Globetrotters); John Bandy, Pontiac Central; Jim Tilmon, Grand Rapids Central; Jim Ludwig, Sault St. Marie; Don Hoag, Flint Holy Redeemer.

Class A 2nd Team: Reggie Harding, Eastern.

3rd team: John Switchulis, St. Clair Shores Lakeview; Leonard Guinn, Hamtramck

Honorable Mention: Lars Anderson, Grosse Pointe; Larry Cutright, Cooley; Wavey Junior, Northeastern; Jim Kourtakis, Highland Park; Dick Krivack, Highland Park; Bernie Lemieux, Southeastern; Henry Mack, Western; Felton Rogers, Eastern; Lonnie Sanders, Pershing; Bill Street, Northwestern; T.Z. Tennille, Northeastern.

Class C: Honorable Mention: Dave Ayrault, Grosse Pointe St. Paul; Andy Rio, Harper Woods Lutheran East.

1958 All Metro

Bill Brown, Northeastern; John Kastl, Western; Harris Jackson, Northwestern; Lavert France, Cass Tech; Ed “Stone” Stewart, Northeastern.


(No first or second team)

Sam Oliver, Southeastern (MVP East Side); Steve Jordon, Cass Tech; Bob Kucher, Denby; Jim Ivey, Eastern; Bob Wilson, Miller; Jack Ward, Southeastern; Louis Gibbs, Central; Gunnars Vitolin, Chadsey; Ron Summers, Northwestern (Harlem Globetrotter); Columbus Glover, Southwestern; Ron Wiktor, U of D (MVP West Side)

First Team
Aram Sarkisian, Southwestern; Blaine (Mitchell) Denning, Northern; Don Haase, Mackenzie; Bill Wise, Cass Tech; Ken Burrell, Hamtramck
Second Team
Chuck Holloway, Northern; Sam Smith, Southeastern; Bob Sebastian, Western; Gene “Pablo” Hamilton, Miller; Bill Monageau, Cooley.

First Team

Charles Pink, Northwestern; George Hobach, Southeastern; Frank Shidler, Northwestern; James “Country” Davis, Miller; John Salhany, Central; Henry Semczak, Hamtramck, 6th man.
Second Team
Max Hornstein, Northern; Howard McCarty, Northwestern; Bob Kerr, Western; Bill Hermann, Central; Gerard Richards, Southeastern; Sam Lombardo, Miller, 6th man.
Honorable Mention
Forwards: Olesko, Chadsey; Myles, Southwestern; Stewart, Highland Park; Bloomfield, Gies, and Ruehle, Central; Lockner, Northwestern; Jarrett, Cass; Gialer, Miller; Parry and Bergamo, Eastern; Cade, Northeastern; Hilton, Commerce. Centers: Williams, Miller; Titterington, Southeastern; Cunningham, Central; Jozefiak, Hamtramck; Gault, Redford; Harrison, Denby; Lopata, Southwestern. Guards: Mekules and Kent, Western; Jehle, Wilbur Wright; Nelson, Miller; Beckenhauer, Southeastern; Bill and John Van Vleck, Northwestern; M. Filipczak, Northeastern; Bruno, Pershing; Davis, Highland Park; Ardziejewski, Cass; Clenner, Northern.

First Team
Tim Sheehan, Commerce; George Stark, Central; Bob McIntosh, Central; Herman Fishman, Northern; Adam Filipczak, Northeastern
Second Team
A. Adamcyk, Chadsey; Bartasavage, Western; J. McIntosh, Northern; Higson, Central; Connard, Northwestern
Honorable Mention
Forwards:  Wieczynski, Zepke, Hamtramck; Berris, Hart, Northern; Orlando, Howard, Eastern; Lindsay, Northwestern; Jentzen, Ruggerillo, Cooley; Jenkowski, Western; Green, Rindskoff, Masacek, Central; Wood, Southeastern; Newlands, Pershing; Stocks, Mackenzie; Wagner, Southeastern; Johns, Barberi, Highland Park; W. and H. Potak, Wilbur Wright; Larkin, Miller. Centers:  Crespi, Eastern; Strong, Northeastern; Sarutsky, Northern; Street, Northwestern; Schachinger, Highland Park; Popp, Pershing; Hamilton, Western; Miller, Southeastern. Guards:  Mroczek, Northeastern; Beaudry, Northern; Kenyon, Central; Kofender, Commerce; King, Pershing; Cooper, Vail, Northwestern; James “Country” Davis, Miller; Cudillo, Chadsey; Collins, Stocker, Hamtramck; Biddinger, Redford; Bridge, Highland Park.

First Team
Vaughn Ashen, Northern; Manuel Fishman, Northern; Harry Emery, Southeastern; George Graybill, Southwestern; George Ford, Southeastern
Second Team
Douglas Greig, Northern; Jacobs, Northwestern; Hagen, Southwestern; Lundquist, Highland Park; Quick, Western

First Team
Howard Jones, Southeastern; George Witinko, Hamtramck; Harold Green, Northern; DeForest Eveland, Northwestern; Francis Doolittle, Northwestern
Second Team
Williams, Highland Park; Bahorski, Eastern; Wojtylo, Hamtramck; Knight, Northwestern; Miller, Southwestern

First Team
Al Milanki, Northeastern; Harold Green, Northern; William Dougall, Northwestern; Joseph Major, Southwestern; Harold Lindsay, Northwestern
Second Team
Stokes, Southeastern; Charles Fisher, Northeastern; Stefanski, Northeastern; Knight, Northwestern; Mack, Hamtramck
Honorable Mention
Markey, Suder, and Lewis, Western; Higgins and Drittler, Northwestern; Madigan, Commerce; Matkin, College High; Roginski and Pickarski, Hamtramck; Pont and Askowitz, Northern; Bitkijian and Clark, Highland Park; Herrick, Central; Miller, Southwestern; Jones and Turner, Southeastern; Olson, Cass Tech; Schmidt and Molenda, Northeastern; Gracey and Ouelette, (Ouellette), Eastern; Butcher, Redford.

First Team
Birkett Duty, Southwestern; Norman Daniels, Southeastern; Lambert Springer, Southeastern; Nolen Putnam, Southeastern; Joe Truskowski, Northeastern
Honorable Mention
VanNorman, Barnard, Northwestern; Hendricks, Ruhl, Southeastern; Marx, Northern; Schultz, Central; Krolych, Oldham, Smith, Southwestern; Flesher, Western; VanFleet, Cass Tech; Drozdrowski, Hamtramck; Karp, Commerce; Neisch, Eastern; Whitehouse, Highland Park.

(Compiled by Bert G. Maris, Northwestern Coach)
First Team
Robert Winkworth, Western; Benton Dempsey, Northern; Jack Line, Western; Douglass Ginn, Western; Virgil Noble, Southeastern
Second Team
Sam Babcock, Central; William Lemen, Eastern; Walter Heartt, Central; George Jaglowitz, Eastern; Homer Bliss, Central
Honorable Mention
Herrington, Cass Tech (mid-year graduate)

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