PSL Alums in the Original ABA

Harge and Haywood 

Pershing’s Spencer Haywood, Denver Rockets, rips a rebound away from Northeastern’s Ira Harge, Washington Caps,  during a 1969-70 ABA game. These two were part of a group of 13 PSL alums who played in the old American Basketball Association. (Photo John Whitworth)

This compilation of Professional Basketball Players from the Detroit Public Schools has been compiled by Bill Hoover Jr. and is limited to players who appeared in the original American Basketball Association.

Please note each player’s name is linked to his page at Database Basketball where you will be able to view his statistics and teams he played for.

For a complete listing of ABA, NBA, and Harlem Globetrotters players who attended high school in Michigan, please visit Michigan high school historian Ron Pesch‘s terrific site.

Daniels, Mel “Baby” – Pershing
Darden, Oliver – Western
Edge, Charles “Razor” – Northeastern
Gaines, David “Smokey” – Miller/Northeastern
Gervin, George “Iceman” – King
Harding, Reggie – Northeastern/Eastern/Nashville (TN) Christian
Harge, Ira – Northeastern
Haywood, Spencer – Belzoni (MS) McNair/Pershing
Iverson, Willie – Pershing
McHartley, Maurice – Central
Pettway, Jerry – Northern
Roundfield, Dan – Chadsey
Simpson, Ralph – Southeastern/Pershing

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