PSL ABA All-Stars

Mel Daniels

Pershing’s Mel Daniels was a seven-time ABA All-Star playing for the Minnesota Muskies and the Indiana Pacers. Daniels is one of three PSL products to be named to the Association for Professional Basketball Research (APBR) “100 Greatest Players of the 20th Century” list. Joining Daniels were Pershing’s Spencer Haywood and King’s George Gervin — both ABA alums as well.( Photo) 

All-Stars who attended high school in Michigan, but did not attend a PSL school are typed in italics. These All-Stars are included to allow fans to compare the PSL to the rest of the state.

Mel “Baby” Daniels, Minnesota Muskies (Starter)

Mel “Baby” Daniels, Indiana Pacers (Starter)

Spencer Haywood, Denver Rockets MVP (Starter)
Mel “Baby” Daniels, Indiana Pacers (Starter)

Mel “Baby” Daniels, Indiana Pacers MVP
John Brisker, Pittsburgh Condors (Starter)

Ralph Simpson, Denver Rockets (Starter)
Mel “Baby” Daniels, Indiana Pacers
John Brisker, Pittsburgh Condors

Mel “Baby” Daniels
, Indiana Pacers (Starter)
Ralph Simpson, Denver Rockets

George “Iceman” Gervin, Virginia Squires
Mel “Baby” Daniels, Indiana Pacers (Starter)
Ralph Simpson, Denver Rockets

George “Iceman” Gervin, San Antonio Spurs (Starter)
Ralph Simpson, Denver Nuggets

Ralph Simpson
, Denver Nuggets (1st place Nuggets played ABA All-Stars)(Starter)
George “Iceman” Gervin, San Antonio Spurs

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